Tourist Attractions of Buffalo, NY

Jon Purizhansky from Buffalo, NY describes some of the tourist attractions of Buffalo, NY, the second largest city of New York State.

Buffalo is rich with architectural jewels and scenic views. The city is placed on the confluence of the Buffalo River, the Niagara River, and Lake Erie. It is still believed to provide a crucial role in the thriftiness of the state. Buffalo happens to be one of the best tourist destinations in summer majorly due to its enormous waterfront. Often called The Queen City, Buffalo is a city full of accumulation of cultural jewels, ancient skyscrapers and different assortment of modern artwork.

Below are some of the two tourist attractions one can’t miss when visiting Buffalo:

The Niagara Square

One of the most visited places in the City of Buffalo, Niagara Square is a perfect spot in the heart of Queen City. This is a major tourist attraction due to another reason says Jon Purizhansky of Buffalo, NY, which is the history of the place which witnessed the assassination of President McKinley and French and Indian War in 1763. This area of Buffalo also serves as central hub for hanging out by many locals and tourists.

Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo City Hall is another major tourist attraction of the city says Jon Purizhansky. He says that this place is situated near the Niagara Square in Buffalo City. Your tour to Buffalo is incomplete if you don’t go and visit this amazing City hall that has incredible architectural style. It is a 32 floor story building and has amazing Art and Decor. The style is quite complex but it’s incredible.

There is a great deal of other famous tourist attractions in Buffalo, NY. Noticeably, Buffalonians place are warm and friendly and will typically make you feel at home. If you happen to be travelling in New York, Buffalo is surely worth the visit.

Author: Jon Purizhansky

Jon Purizhansky is a lawyer, entrepreneur and commentator in New York. He is an avid follower of US and International economics and politics. With decades of international experience, Jon Purizhansky reports on a wide variety of economic and political issues.