Modes of Transportation in Buffalo, NY

Jon Purizhansky of Buffalo, NY notices the important of transportation systems in urban environments. Buffalo, NY has a smooth transportation system. While Buffalo transportation system is monopolized by automobile usage, there are many other aspects of transportation that exist in Buffalo and one can get to Buffalo viĀ  rail road transport, airways and waterways.


Railroad transportation system

The major transportation system of the Buffalo city is the Railroad transportation system that includes New York Central system. Buffalo has an urban metro system, which is also widely used and is supposed to be developed further says Jon Purizhansky of Buffalo, NY.


Another transportation mode is the airways. There are are major airports in the vicinity – Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the Niagara Falls airport. Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) regulates the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Niagara Falls International Airport.

The main hub, however, is Buffalo Niagara International Airport which is situated in a suburb of Buffalo.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport indexes among the top five cheapest airports to commute to.

The average round trip of the flight will cost you around $295.58. In the last few years the flight rates have fluctuated due to the growing demand of passengers. The flights from the city are much cheaper as they save a lot of tax and airline surcharges. This is not the case with Canadian airports. Hence, Buffalo based airport attracts a great deal of Canadian passengers.

Rail transport

Another mode which has influenced the city transport is The Buffalo Metro Rail mode which is very convenient and travel friendly. The mode is safe and economical and easily accessible for the commuters, therefore a large number of people enjoy this mode of transportation. It is regulated by the NFTA. It is a 6.4 miles long single-line light rail system which broadens from Erie Canal Harbor in downtown Buffalo to the University Heights district.

Rail transport

The downtown area of the line operates above ground until North of Theater Station, at the northern end of downtown, where the line strides underground. The travelers love this mode as they have to pay a reasonable a fare for comfortable transportation.

The above described are the basic modes of transport in Buffalo, NY says Jon Purizhansky.